Check out what has been going on at MOD!

A significant event at Mission of Deeds each year is the mailing of our annual newsletter. Many of you have already received it through snail-mail (which was remarkably fast this year!) You can also find it in digital form here.

You will read about a few of our clients, the renovation of our household items room, an explanation of our policies regarding donated goods, and the perspective of a wonderful donor family on why they support us. You will also read about our Beds program, how we are funded, and ways to give. You will even read, in their own words, expressions of appreciation from some of the people we have helped.

We think long and hard about content. The biggest question is how to choose, out of the myriad things that happen every day, a few stories that will give you as good a picture as possible of what we do and what it takes to keep the organization viable for today’s work and for tomorrow’s promise. Think of the newsletter as representing a microcosm of the larger MOD world.

You make this world possible. So however you celebrate the holidays, our wish is that you experience the joy that your support allows us to give to our clients every day.

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