How We’re Changing Lives

Mission of Deeds is all about changing lives. Imagine you have no bed, no linens, nothing with which to cook, no kitchen table, no furniture. Now imagine you have all those things. Your life is changed! That is what happens every day at Mission of Deeds.

When clients come to us after being homeless or otherwise in great need, they know that when they leave, their apartment will be transformed from housing into a home. To them, it’s all one service, but we like to think of it in smaller pieces to make sure we have the right inventory. These include Beds, Household Goods, and Kitchen Essentials.

Why We’re Dedicated to Ending Furniture Poverty

Anyone who cannot afford to obtain the basics that turn empty housing into a furnished home is said to be living in furniture poverty which leads to harmful physical, emotional, and financial consequences.

People without a bed will have a poor night’s sleep, affecting their ability to work and study. Not having a sofa to sit on means people may be unwilling to invite friends or support workers into their homes. Without pots and pans people may rely on take-out, a more expensive and often less healthy option than cooking at home.

Moving into an unfurnished place is one of the most challenging aspects of moving out of a shelter.  Research shows that people in properly furnished homes are likelier to have the stability needed to work with other community-based services and retain their housing. Mission of Deeds provides a starting point for this process.

Each family permanently housed brings us closer to ending homelessness.

We know that poverty can be an endless cycle. Those with limited income spend a larger portion of their wages on necessities and often become stuck in debt while trying to meet basic needs. Mission of Deeds is dedicated to helping families and individuals faced with difficult financial decisions by providing, free of charge, the necessities which make a home livable, functional, and stable.

Nobody should have to choose between paying their rent or buying a bed.

We continually marvel at the magic of how one donation at a time changes lives. Thank you for making magic happen every day here at Mission of Deeds.

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