What is Amazon Wishlist and How Does it Help?

Amazon Wishlist.An Amazon Wishlist is a gift registry where we create our wish list of items we often need for our clients. Mission of Deeds  has an Amazon WishList that we share with our followers periodically on Facebook, especially when we are low on many items.

Please consider selecting an item on our Amazon Wishlist and have it shipped to our facility in Reading, MA.

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“What a terrific bed! Sincere and hearty thank you for your generous gifts! It is such a comfort to have my own bed, sheets, and necessities thanks to your thoughtful organization.”

— A client who lost her job and needed to move.

“Your organization is the most worthy of praise. You really do help the needy when they need it the most. I was a recipient of you once. I’ll never forget how happy you made me, and I’ve donated since I got back on my feet. Thank you all for your hard work.”

— A former client reached out on Facebook.

“Your care and generosity turned my apartment into a home. A simple thank you doesn’t seem enough.”

— Mission of Deeds Client