Mission of Deeds works with social service agencies, housing authorities, schools, hospitals, and religious organizations who refer clients to us for assistance in furnishing their homes. These community partners ensure that the clients we help are in real need and that the process proceeds smoothly.  Due to demand, we are unable to support institutions including but not limited to rooming houses, shelters, sober housing, or other communal living circumstances.

Any helping organization may refer a client to us as long as there is no family relationship between the referring individual and the client. Here are referral organizations we have worked with in the past. New organizations are welcome. There is no application process or fee. However, for each client, a referral form is necessary and is available below.

Our clients are low-income individuals and families, many with children, including those who are recently homeless, fleeing domestic violence, veterans, refugees, the elderly, or those living with a disability.

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To receive assistance from Mission of Deeds, clients must be living in the MA counties of Middlesex or Essex or in Chelsea, Revere, or Winthrop.

Caseworker Responsibilities

1. Determine legitimate need for assistance.
2. Identify specific furnishing needs of the client.
3. Complete referral form with the client, in detail.
4. A home visit is encouraged to determine needs.
5. Complete form on your device, or print.
6. Fax (781.944.7697) or Email the form to us.
7. Give the client a copy & review their responsibilities.
8. Help them plan for transportation of their furniture.
9. Questions?

Email info@missionofdeeds.org or call 781.944.9797.

Client Responsibilities  

1. Confirm with referral agency that form has been sent.
2. Call us at 781.944.9797 to make an appointment.
3. Make a plan for your appointment day.
4. Get or rent a truck or van to bring items home.
5. Make sure the vehicle is large enough for 1 trip.
6. Be on time or call to reconfirm if running late.
7. We will not reschedule appointments.
8. Bring a translator if needed.
9. Questions?

Email info@missionofdeeds.org or call 781.944.9797.

“It means the world to us due to your generosity our home is complete and we are able to get back on our feet!”

— A mother whose family had been homeless

“Your organization is the most worthy of praise. You really do help the needy when they need it the most. I was a recipient of you once. I’ll never forget how happy you made me, and I’ve donated since I got back on my feet. Thank you all for your hard work.”

— A former client reached out on Facebook.