Since the beginning, Mission of Deeds has purchased thousands and thousands of mattresses, box springs, and often bed frames, then given them away without charge to those in need. We started with twin beds and cribs, then expanded into full, queen, and bunk beds.

One way we raise this money is through our Buy-a-Bed Campaign. This raises money for beds, a dollar at a time. Stores and banks participate from Thanksgiving through New Year’s and a few merchants even keep a donation box year-round.

Houses of worship and schools also participate in the season of their choice. We have bright posters showing a big bed where children color boxes after they do a special chore to earn a dollar and see how their class is progressing toward filling all 90 squares – $90 goes a long way to buying a bed, but any amount is appreciated.

If this campaign interests you, please contact for more information.

Another way you can support us is by making a financial donation of $90 (or a multiple), as a gift in someone’s honor. We write to tell the honoree the happy news and, of course, give you a tax receipt.

“Thank you and all the volunteers of Mission of Deeds for presenting me with a brand new bed and all the bedding I needed and more. That Saturday night I had a great night’s sleep and suddenly all the other matters needing my attention seemed lots less burdensome because my mind was so much clearer and relaxed.”

— A client.

“I would like to thank everyone for their assistance in providing a completely outfitted apartment for my client. This is his first apartment in many, many years. He was not living in a safe environment. It is comforting to know he is now in a nice community. Thank you for all the wonderful assistance you provide to all those in need.”

— A Veteran’s Services Officer.