Volunteer Opportunities at Mission of Deeds, Reading MA

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the foundation of the Mission of Deeds, the heart and soul of our organization. We started as a volunteer charity and remain true to that vision. The work our volunteers perform is essential to our mission.

Help Us Drive Change, Make a Difference and Inspire Others

Our mission is to provide beds, furniture, and other household items to those most in need. Our clients are struggling individuals or families with children including those who were recently homeless, fleeing domestic violence, veterans, refugees, the elderly, or those living with a disability.

Volunteers range in age from teenagers through senior citizens and have varied professional and educational backgrounds. We have over 100 volunteers who are here weekly, plus many more who come occasionally. We are very fortunate that some of our volunteers have been with us for more than 10 years.

Volunteer duties include:

  • Help clients select furniture that fits their needs
  • Sort linens and kitchen items, gather requested items for clients
  • Work on our truck, either as a driver or crew member
  • Work in the warehouse loading and unloading trucks with beds, donated furniture, household goods
  • Clean and organize donated items
  • Refinish and repair furniture, check lamps and small appliances in our workshop  (must be 18 years or older)
  • Perform data entry and help with database management
  • Assist with fundraising events
  • Organize a drive for new linens, or new and gently used kitchen items

Every day our volunteers help families and individuals in need start over, and throughout the years their efforts have touched many, many lives.

Every member of our small part-time staff was a volunteer before joining our organization as an employee.

Join the MOD Team

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, onsite volunteer service is temporarily suspended.

As the Mission of Deeds continues to grow and tries to meet increasing requests for help, we continuously require more volunteers. When you volunteer at MOD, we want you to feel valued. We want you to have the ability to contribute in a direct and purposeful way. Our team of volunteers shares a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families in need.

We Invite You to Join our Team

To begin volunteering, please follow these steps carefully:

Step 1 – Come to our facility in person on the first or third Monday of the month between 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM to speak with Donna Snow or Bruce Murison. At this time, we will discuss volunteer options and scheduling. We will need to know when you are available to help.

Step 2 – After this meeting, if possible, you will be given a starting date. AFTER receiving a start date, download the Volunteer Application Form.

Step 3 – Complete the required Volunteer Application Form and bring it with you on your scheduled starting date. If we do not receive the completed form, the start of your volunteer service may be delayed.

Please email Donna.Snow@missionofdeeds.org with any questions or concerns.

If you are a Repeat Volunteer, please email Donna.Snow@missionofdeeds.org to schedule additional volunteer hours.

Unable to Volunteer at Our Facility?

Another Way to Help is Collecting Needed Items

If you prefer or are unable to volunteer at our facility, you or a group of your friends and family can still help MOD in a significant way by collecting needed items for us.

Ongoing Volunteer Needs in Reading, MA

Truck and Warehouse Support

Drivers – use your truck to pick up small donations or drive ours. Must be 25 years or older with a clean driving record.

Crew – load and off-load trucks with donated furniture, beds, and household goods. Store items in the correct area in the warehouse.

A few hours would make a huge difference!

Operating Hours:  Monday – Friday:  9 AM to 4 pm and Saturday, 9 AM to 12 Noon

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Occasionally, MOD has opportunities for groups to help with special projects. If you are a member of a corporate team or other group doing volunteer work, please Email Donna.Snow@missionofdeeds.org or call us to learn more about our current needs.

Host a Drive for Linens or Kitchen Essentials

Contact us so we can help you plan your drive for maximum effectiveness.

We are always looking for volunteers to organize drives for items that are in short supply. These items can include towels, sheets, comforters, etc. We also need pots and pans as well as simple kitchen tools to support our Kitchen Essentials initiative that is based on “cook at home, eat a nutritious meal, and save money”.

How to Organize a Successful Donation Drive to Benefit Mission of Deeds Clients

To ensure success, please follow these guidelines:

Step 1:  Select an enthusiastic leader for your event.

Step 2: Leader must contact Mission of Deeds (MOD) so we can help you plan your drive, set the date and discuss items currently needed.
Please Email:  Donna.Snow@missionofdeeds.org

Step 3:  Get organized, select helpers, and pick a collection site.

Step 4:  Promote the event on social media, and in local papers. Hang signs or banners.

Step 5:  Provide containers identifying MOD at your collection site. (We have labels if you need them.)

Step 6:  If necessary, have helpers at collection site to receive donated items.

Step 7:  Bring collected items to MOD or arrange for us to pick them up.

Step 8:  Let us know about key volunteers and/or major donors so they may all be thanked.

We want to support your efforts, so please contact us if you need materials or additional information.

Download (PDF), Coming Soon:  How to Organize a Successful Donation Drive to Benefit Mission of Deeds Clients

Thanks for leading this project . . .  your efforts ensure that our clients receive critically needed items.


Can You Help Support Our Mission?

If so, it’s an easy way to give back and change many lives.

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