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Referral Agencies

Our network of referral agencies identifies the clients needs for MOD and we ensure they are met.Mission of Deeds has worked with over 500 social service agencies, housing authorities, schools, hospitals, and religious organizations that refer clients to us for assistance. This network of agencies is key to ensuring that clients referred are in real need and that the process proceeds smoothly.

Our clients are struggling individuals or families with children including those who were recently homeless, fleeing domestic violence, veterans, refugees, the elderly, or those living with a disability.

To receive assistance from the Mission of Deeds, clients must be located in the Massachusetts Counties of Middlesex or Essex or one of these Suffolk County communities: Chelsea, Revere, or Winthrop.

Referral Agencies are expected to qualify the client’s eligibility for our program and establish the specific need for assistance. If you have any questions regarding the application or client eligibility, you can email us at, or call us at (781) 944.9797 to speak with a member of our staff.

Testimonials from Clients and Caseworkers tell many stories about what we do.


Client Referral Form

We have updated our Client Referral Form so you can now type into the form fields of the PDF file. If you work for an agency and would like to refer a client to us, please read the steps below before downloading the form. (Example: Do not type into the form fields when the form launches in your web browser because your information will not be saved. See additional tips under the referral form and process below.)

Download our Client Referral Form (PDF)

NOTE: The form requires the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free software) so you can type into the form fields and complete the PDF application. The software is available for Macintosh or Windows computers. Please follow this link to download Adobe’s Adobe Reader at

Due to COVID-19, Our Client Services are Provided in a Completely New Way

After the client calls Mission of Deeds to make an appointment, we will explain the new process for receiving goods. We do not anticipate our process changing again until COVID-19 is no longer a health threat to the community. Thanks in advance for your patience as we try to help our clients and keep our team safe!

Referral Form and Process Recommendations

  1. Please right-click on the form to “save” it to your Desktop or Documents folder.
  2. Open the form from that location and fill out the agency and client information. Please be as specific as possible regarding your client’s needs.
  3. You can also print the form and fill it out by hand if the writing is legible. For accuracy, we prefer that you use the “fillable” PDF, however, we will still accept handwritten forms that are legibly written and faxed to us.
  4. After you have completed the Referral form, print the form, and save a final version of the file to your computer. It is also helpful to give your client a copy of the form.
  5. Fax your Client Referral Form to (781) 944-7697, for processing.
  6. If you are having any issues with this process, please call us at (781) 944-9797.
  7. Please review these next steps with your client to ensure their trip to our offices works for all of us.


Next Steps: Client and Caseworker Requirements

After the Referral Agency has faxed the Client Referral Form to the Mission of Deed office using this Fax number: (781) 944-7697, the caseworker must inform their client(s) of their responsibilities.

The first and most important step is for the client to call us at, (781) 944-9797 to schedule an appointment. Because we receive so many requests for assistance, the Mission of Deeds cannot initiate phone calls to clients to schedule appointments.

Please review the list of requirements below with your client and make sure they have a plan for bringing an adequately sized truck to pick up their donated items and have directions to our facility in Reading.

Mission of Deeds, Inc.
6 Chapin Ave
Reading, MA 01867

Our Client Services hours are made by appointment only.

Please Ask Your Client to Call MOD Today and Schedule Their Appointment

(781) 944-9797 (voicemail is 24 hours/7 days a week)
Leave a message if we are unable to take your call. We return every client and agency call as soon as we can.

Operating Hours

Monday through Friday: 9 AM to 4 PM

Client Hours Related to Pickups

First, clients must call (781) 944-9797 to schedule their visit with the Mission of Deeds. Client appointments are set at specific times during some of our operating hours.
Sabyne Denaud from IINE is shown picking up beds and furniture for her 5 clients.

“Thank you to all our wonderful supporters who donate furniture and funds to help buy beds!”

Mission of Deeds is happy to partner with the International Institute of New England (IINE) in Lowell. The Institute has served as the beacon of hope for those fleeing persecution and war in their native lands for 100 years. The refugees they serve arrive on American shores with little or nothing. Many have seen and experienced unthinkable horror. IINE strives to help each new arrival build a new life full of hope and free from violence and terror.

Caseworker, Sabyne Denaud from the IINE shown here, was able to pick up beds and furniture for 5 clients. Our volunteers packed the truck like a Tetris game!

How to Ensure Your Client’s Trip to MOD is Successful

Our many years of experience providing furniture to people in need has shown us that three principal roadblocks could prevent us from servicing a client effectively:

  • Clients who do not realize they need to make the first call to MOD
  • Clients who do not come to their appointments
  • Clients who arrive with vehicles that are inadequate to transport all the items they need

We kindly ask that you, the caseworker at the Referral Agency, work closely with your client(s) to prevent any of these problems. We deeply appreciate your efforts in making sure that your client(s) clearly understand their responsibilities so we can help them effectively.

We strive to make the client experience at the Mission of Deeds as helpful and enjoyable as possible. We are always happy to answer questions and give advice on any aspect of the process.

If you have any questions or concerns – Email: or call us at, (781) 944.9797 (voicemail is 24 hours/7 days a week) Please leave a message if we are unable to take your call. We will return your call as soon as we can.

Client Responsibilities for Their Appointment

  • There will be no rescheduling of missed appointments (this will be reviewed on a case by case basis during the Coronavirus / COVID-19 emergency)
  • Clients must provide an adequately sized truck, large enough to transport their items
  • Clients must be on time for the appointment. Late arrivals may not be serviced.
  • If necessary, clients who have limited English speaking ability should bring a translator.
Please familiarize yourself with our process for serving clients by reading our client requirements.


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