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Rental Vehicle Options

This information is provided for the convenience of our clients, Mission of Deeds does not recommend one organization over another.

U-Haul                1-800-468-4285)

Penske               1-844-210-6887

Budget               1-800-462-8384

Enterprise          1-888-736-8287

Home Depot      1-800-466-3337

Lowes                1-800-445-6937

Be Aware!

Most truck rentals cost more than just the basic in-town rental fee. There will be a charge for the miles driven, liability insurance (highly recommended) and you will need to replace the gas used. These charges can total $70 to $100 or more depending on your distance from Reading MA.

Extras like a dolly and moving pads are usually not needed at our facility. It would be up to you to decide if they would be beneficial at your home.

What Size Truck?

Individuals who are looking for 1 bed, a dresser, nightstand, a sofa, chair, coffee and end tables, kitchen table, kitchen, linens, and other small items can often get by with a 10-foot box truck. Larger families needing more beds would be better off with a 14-15 ft truck.

Call us if you have questions (781) 944.9797.


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