Cummings Foundation Grant Awarded to

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Cummings Foundation Has Awarded
Mission of Deeds a Sustaining Grant

Mission of Deeds is grateful to be a recipient of a 10-year Sustaining Grant from Cummings Foundation!

Recognizing the value and rarity of long-term financial support for nonprofits, especially smaller organizations, the Cummings Foundation Sustaining Grants provides ongoing funding for specific projects.

Beginning in 2018, this grant will be disbursed in annual installments over the next ten years. The grant is restricted to the purpose for which we applied, namely, expansion of our activities with clients, donors, and volunteers on Saturdays.

The grant covers about 80% of the extra costs for the additional Saturdays. We are honored to partner with the Cummings Foundation as we work to help those in need living in our communities. Many Thanks to the Cummings Foundation!

Watch the Video and Learn More:

Bill Cummings and Chronicle visited the Mission of Deeds.


And, Check Out the Photos from this Event!

Banner Photo Credit – Thanks to Sun Jin Cho for sharing their work on Unsplash.
Other Photo Credits – Images are from Mission of Deeds photo library.