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Together, We Change Lives


How We’re Changing Lives

Mission of Deeds is all about changing lives. Imagine you have no bed, no linens, nothing with which to cook, no kitchen table, no furniture. Now imagine you have all those things. Your life is changed! That is what happens every day at Mission of Deeds.

When clients come to us after being homeless or otherwise in great need, they know that when they leave, their apartment will be transformed from housing into a home. To them, it’s all one service, but we like to think of it in smaller pieces to make sure we have the right inventory and to illustrate how you can help.

We continually marvel at the magic of how one donation at a time changes lives. Thank you for making magic happen every day at Mission of Deeds.

Here are ways we can work together to help the most vulnerable in our communities.

Our Changing Lives Program provides an opportunity for anyone to choose a way to transform generosity into hope for our clients in need by sponsoring a Buy-a-Bed campaign, making a Donation, Donate Furniture, or Host a Drive for our Kitchen Essentials or Household Linens.


Since the beginning, Mission of Deeds has purchased thousands and thousands of mattresses, box springs, and often bed frames, then given them away without charge to those in need.
We started with twin beds and cribs, then expanded into full, queen, and bunk beds.

One way we raise this money is through our Buy-a-Bed Campaign. This raises money for beds, a dollar at a time. Stores and banks participate from Thanksgiving through New Year’s and a few merchants even keep a donation box year-round.

Houses of worship and schools also participate in the season of their choice. We have bright posters showing a big bed where children color boxes after they do a special chore to earn a dollar and see how their class is progressing toward filling all 90 squares – $90 goes a long way to buying a bed, but any amount is appreciated.

If this campaign interests you, please contact for more information.

Another way you can support us is by making a financial donation of $90 (or a multiple), as a gift in someone’s honor. We write to tell the honoree the happy news and, of course, give you a tax receipt.

Household Linens

A new bed is not the same without the pillow, sheets, and blanket that make for a cozy night’s sleep. That’s why we give this bedding (and comforters when available) to every client who needs them – which is almost everyone.

While we have always bought new pillows, historically we have accepted, and laundered, gently used linens. Due to COVID-19, we are only accepting brand new sheets, blankets, comforters, and towels.

You can help us by bringing purchased linens to our facility or having them shipped directly to us. You can also make a financial donation so we can purchase linens at rock bottom prices.
Or you can host a drive for new linens through your organization, house of worship, business, or family and friends.

Before beginning your drive, please contact for more information.

Kitchen Essentials

We make sure our clients have what they need to cook at home to eat a nutritious meal.Providing a healthy, home-cooked meal is a challenge for people in need. One reason is the lack of the basics to cook and serve the food. This is where Kitchen Essentials comes in.

For almost every client, Mission of Deeds gives dishes, silverware, mugs, glassware, pots and pans, food storage containers, a toaster, a coffee maker, and much more. Visit our Donate Goods page to see a full list of what we provide to our clients.

Those items can be donated new or gently used. You can bring excess items from your home, buy items for us, or donate funds so we can make purchases, especially for items that frequently run in short supply, like pots and pans, toasters, and coffee makers. Or you can Host a Drive for Kitchen Essentials through your organization, house of worship, business, school, or family and friends.

Before beginning your drive, please contact for more information and get some great tips.

The COVID-19 Crisis Has Highlighted the Issue of Food Insecurity

In response to this, we have instituted a policy of giving a supermarket gift card to each client who comes to us for household items. Presenting this gift card gives clients a nice surprise and directly relates to Kitchen Essentials. We hope to continue this over the long term, depending on funding.

Donate Furniture

We have given our clients beds, linens, and everything they need to cook a meal.

But how can they enjoy it without a kitchen table and chairs?
Where can they relax after all the work is done without a sofa or armchair?
How do they store clothes without a bureau, see without a lamp, or provide a proper place for their children to study without a small desk?

As surprising as it may seem, the people who come to us for help lack many, or all, of these things.

Filling these needs is so basic to the purpose of Mission of Deeds that we have a warehouse full of furniture – or at least we aim for it to be full. When we talk to our donors, we emphasize “furniture suitable for small apartments.”  Please follow this link for a full list of items that we can and cannot accept.

Donation Drop-Offs

Our truck is regularly on the road picking up furniture in ten towns (Stoneham, Melrose, Reading, Burlington, Wilmington, Woburn, Winchester, North Reading, Lynnfield, and Wakefield). For faster service, you can drop-off donations by appointment. Furniture is never purchased, so by giving Mission of Deeds your excess, gently used furniture, you are giving your furnishings a new life and turning empty apartments into comfortable homes.

Host a Drive for Linens or Kitchen Essentials in Short Supply

Call us so we can help you plan your drive for maximum effectiveness.

We are always looking for volunteers to organize drives for “like new” items that are in short supply. These items can include towels, sheets, comforters, etc. We also need pots and pans as well as simple kitchen tools to support our Kitchen Essentials Program that is based on “cook at home, eat a nutritious meal, and save money”.

How to Organize a Successful Donation Drive to Benefit Mission of Deeds Clients

To ensure success, please follow these guidelines:

Step 1:  Select an enthusiastic point person (Chairperson) to lead your event.

Step 2: Chairperson must contact Mission of Deeds (MOD) so we can help you plan your drive for maximum effectiveness and discuss the date as well as the items currently needed. Please Email: or Call: (781) 944-9797.

Step 3:  Get organized, select helpers, and pick a collection site.

Step 4:  Promote the event on social media, and in local papers. Hang signs or banners.

Step 5:  Provide Mission of Deeds branded containers at collection site.
We have labels you can attach to your containers.

Step 6:  If necessary, have helpers at donation location to receive donated items.

Step 7:  Bring collected items to MOD or arrange for us to pick up the items.

Step 8:  Let us know about key volunteers and/or major donors so they may all be thanked appropriately.

We want to support your efforts so please contact us if you need any materials like a flyer or additional information.

Thanks for leading this project, your efforts ensure that our clients receive critically needed items.



  • How to Organize and Host a Successful Donation Drive (PDF) Coming Soon!
  • Mission of Deeds Brochure (PDF) Coming Soon!
  • Thanks in advance for helping us out!


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