The kitchen table is at the heart of a home.  It is an essential meeting place not only for eating home cooked meals but also completing homework assignments and conducting family game nights.  Small kitchen tables are one of our most requested items.  We donated 252 kitchen tables in 2021 and 315 so far in 2022.  Demand always outweighs supply for this critical piece of furniture.  If you are moving, re-decorating, or cleaning out, please consider Mission of Deeds as part of your process.  A small kitchen table with a set of chairs will fly out the door and be in a new home within a week.

In this vein, we also adjusted our in-kind donation guidelines.  The new guidelines can be found here.  We added dimensions for select furniture items.  Pictures of upholstered items are now required before scheduling a drop-off or pick-up.  To treat our clients with dignity and respect, we cannot accept items that are stained, worn out, torn, scratched, chipped, broken, missing parts or have pet fur.  We can only accept furniture that will fit in a small apartment and can be carried up a narrow staircase.  Disposing of items comes at a cost that takes away from our ability to serve clients.  Thank you for considering donating furniture, household goods, and kitchen essentials to Mission of Deeds.