Mission of Deeds has partnered with Northeast Metro Tech in Wakefield to launch a new program called Build-a-Bureau.  Students will build custom apartment-sized bureaus at the school’s workshop under the leadership of Carpentry Instructor Bruce Secor.  The pieces will be stained and finished at the Mission of Deeds’ workshop and then provided to households served by Mission of Deeds.  The bureaus are the perfect size for a young child.

Building the dressers instills a sense of social responsibility and purpose for the carpentry students at Northeast Metro Tech.  Knowing that their craftsmanship positively impacts those in need fosters a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.  This experience goes beyond skill development.  It shapes students into socially conscious individuals who recognize the transformative power of their craft.  Participating in charitable projects can enhance students’ portfolio and showcase their ability to use their carpentry skills for the betterment of society.

-Bruce Secor, Carpentry Instructor at Northeast Metro Tech

The first batch of bureaus was delivered in December 2023 and have already been finished and distributed to households in need.  Mission of Deeds’ volunteer Howie Seplowitz led the charge in forging a partnership with Northeast Metro Tech.

As a long-term volunteer in the workshop, I saw a need for smaller bureaus for children.  I previously visited Northeast Metro Tech and wondered if a partnership could be set up.  A pilot commenced and the collaboration worked!  The result had a dual benefit.  Households in need received appropriately sized bureaus for their children and students received satisfaction that their efforts and skills contributed to lift up others.

-Howie Seplowitz, Mission of Deeds Volunteer