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What We Do

Mission of Deeds is a volunteer-supported nonprofit that gives new beds and gently used donated furniture, kitchen items, and basic household goods, free of charge, to people leaving homelessness and others in great need.

We help people throughout Middlesex and Essex Counties, Massachusetts as well as in the Suffolk County communities of Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop.

We are all about changing lives. Imagine you have no bed, no linens, nothing with which to cook, no kitchen table, no furniture. Now imagine you have all those things. Your life is changed! That is what happens every day at Mission of Deeds.

Our organization depends solely on private donations, “neighbors helping neighbors,” and does not receive government grants.

Beds Provided

Homes Furnished

Community Partners

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For 30 years, Mission of Deeds has assisted individuals and families in need.

Household Donations

A second life for your items.


The heart and soul of Mission of Deeds.

Latest News

We continually marvel at the magic of how one donation at a time changes lives. Thank you for making magic happen every day.

“I would like to thank everyone for their assistance in providing a completely outfitted apartment for my client. This is his first apartment in many, many years. He was not living in a safe environment. It is comforting to know he is now in a nice community. Thank you for all the wonderful assistance you provide to all those in need.”

— A Veteran’s Services Officer

“I was so stressed, anxious, and embarrassed when I first arrived, but everyone at Mission of Deeds made it easy to relax, making this a very pleasant and joyous experience. After  receiving our furniture, one of my children exclaimed, this is my first real bed!”

— A single mother of three, coming from a shelter for abused women

“Although I am no longer working as a social worker for the VNA, I still want to acknowledge the good and meaningful work you deliver. It not only addresses the need for individuals and families needing some extra help to put together a living quarter, it also provides great recycling opportunities for resource sharing.”
— A retired caseworker
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