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Work With Us

Together, We Change Lives


Referral Agencies

Our network of referral agencies identifies the clients needs for MOD and we ensure they are met.Mission of Deeds works with over 450 social service agencies, housing authorities, schools, hospitals, and religious organizations that refer clients to us for assistance. This network of agencies is key to ensuring that clients referred are in real need and that the process proceeds smoothly.

Our clients are struggling individuals or families with children including those who were recently homeless, fleeing domestic violence, veterans, refugees, the elderly, or those living with a disability.

Follow this link to learn about our Client Referral Form and procedures.

Client Services

Our Client Services are provided by appointment only after we have received your referral.

Client Services for those in need, how to receive help from Mission of Deeds in Reading, MA.If you need furniture, basic kitchen essentials, and other household items, you must reach out to a Referral Agency. This agency will verify and validate your needs, fill out our Client Referral Form with you and fax your form to our office. The process starts when we receive your form.

Follow the link to see a partial list of Referral Agencies that we work with and what the next steps will be for you after meeting with your agency.

To learn more about our Client Services, follow the link.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the foundation of the Mission of Deeds, truly the heart and soul of our organization.

“groupWe started as a volunteer charity and remain true to that vision 27+ years later. We could not exist without their help. The work our volunteers perform is essential to our mission.

As the Mission of Deeds continues to grow and tries to meet increasing requests for help, we continuously require more volunteers. When you volunteer at MOD, we want you to feel valued. We want you to have the ability to contribute in a direct and purposeful way.

However, if you prefer or are unable to volunteer at our facility, you or your group can still help MOD in a significant way by collecting needed items for us by hosting a drive.

Learn about how our volunteers help us in a significant way.


Whether you are an individual, a family, a foundation, or a corporation, the Mission of Deeds is committed to making your philanthropic endeavors with us effective and personally rewarding. We welcome the expertise and compassion of philanthropists who understand the plight of our clients and want to enable us to help even more people by donating funds to maximize the positive impact we provide.

Mission of Deeds works hard to help struggling individuals and families in need by improving their quality of life when we provide basic essentials so they can survive and do better. We need your help.

Learn more about philanthropy, our mission, and the impact of the donations we receive.

Mission of Deeds (MOD) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-based organization located in Reading, MA. We provide beds, furniture, and basic household items, Free of charge to those in need located in Middlesex and Essex Counties as well as the Suffolk County communities of Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop. Our Tax ID number is 22-3252651.
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