Food Gift Cards Program

Mission of Deeds has always given our clients the tools they need to cook at home through our Kitchen Essentials Program. Yet food insecurity remains a concern for many of the families and individuals we help. To address this problem, we implemented the Food Gift Cards Program. We give our clients a food gift card to a local supermarket when they receive their furniture and household goods. You can purchase gift cards for our clients or make a financial donation to support this program.

“Although I am no longer working as a social worker for the VNA, I still want to acknowledge the good and meaningful work the Mission of Deeds delivers. It not only addresses the need for individuals and families needing some extra help to put together a living quarter, it also provides great recycling opportunities for resource sharing. Thank you, Mission of Deeds, for serving the community and saving the planet.”

— A retired caseworker.

“As with most of our homeless families she lost everything.” After receiving our help, the mother sent us a thank you, writing, “I just wanted to let you know that the furniture & other items given to our family has made our house into a home. Before having the items you have given, I worried about not having furniture for my children, now I walk around with a smile. Programs like yours change people’s lives.”

— A caseworker wrote to us about a single mother coming out of homelessness.