Past Seasonal Events

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Past Seasonal Events


Oz Pearlman Performs for Mission of Deeds

Mission of Deeds hosted a stage show featuring Oz Pearlman who is a well known Emmy-Award-winning Israeli mentalist, speaker, magician, and athlete who won third-place on America’s Got Talent on Season 10.

Oz Provided a Unique Form of Interactive Entertainment

Oz, a relaxed keen observer, presented a fun, upbeat show that engaged our audience, having them laughing and gasping in amazement. He proved he is a world-class entertainer who skillfully read the minds of audience volunteers, like a “magician of the mind.” His mind-reading tricks and mentalism elements dazzled us.

It was a truly memorable night, we were all amazed!

Casino Night – Las Vegas-Style for Mission of Deeds

On March 24, 2018, we celebrated our 25th anniversary with a Casino Night – hosting Las Vegas-style games, raffles and Live DJ entertainment at the First Congregational Church in Winchester.

Over 220 people celebrated with us, playing for a while or staying the whole night!

25 Amazing Years! Many Thanks to all who attended this shared celebration.

Photo credit – Thanks to Sun Jin Cho for sharing their work on Unsplash.