Announcing: Launch of Our New Brand, New Website and More!

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Announcing – Launch of Our New Brand, New Website and More

In 1993 Tony Triglione had the vision to start a charity to give beds, furniture, and household essentials, free of charge, to people in need.

He and his office staff came up with the name Mission of Deeds. Two years later Tony asked his friend Al Longo to help us develop a logo. The result of that process, our helping hands, has been the symbol of our work ever since.

During those 27 years, the hard-working hands of our volunteers, and the wonderful support of our donors, have furnished about 15,000 households in need. Let me repeat that …15,000 households or about 40,000 adults and children who had been homeless or in other difficult situations.

Yet, as successful as we are, we must continually think about how to renew and refresh the organization to prepare for the future. We decided it was time for a new look.

Looking Toward the Future

The first things we considered were our logo, our colors, and our tag line. We wanted to modernize our look but also pay homage to Tony and our past

The new logo came about because of the creativity, collaboration, and perseverance of the team that made it happen. This included Jody Collins Skinner who led the effort in every way, Donna Snow, Paula Goss, Sharon Petersen, and Jan Triglione, with important input from Art Triglione and the entire Board of Directors, as well as the superb talent of our graphic designer, Karen Lynch.

Yet the logo belongs to, personifies, and celebrates you – our volunteers, donors, and other supporters. Your loving hearts and hardworking hands infuse and inspire every single thing that Mission of Deeds has ever done and will ever do. You have come together under the banner of Mission of Deeds for the timeless purpose of neighbors helping neighbors, not because you have to, but simply because you want to.

One man’s vision launched an organization whose work and values spread further and further, every day, as you furnish more homes and change more lives.

The new logo symbolizes the work we will do together to meet the challenges ahead. Though we have been around for a while, we look to the future with the feeling that, for the Mission of Deeds, the best is yet to come.

March 2020