COVID-19 Update from Executive Director | Mission of Deeds

Our Response to COVID-19

A Message from our Executive Director

It’s fair to say that the history of Mission of Deeds has been one where we have “learned by doing.” Figuring out how to do our work during the pandemic has been our most challenging learning experience so far.

We serve clients under a completely new model. Furniture is staged near a large loading door so the people we help can choose from a range of inventory without coming inside the building. We are heartened that clients and caseworkers realize these changes are necessary for reasons of public health.

We want our referring caseworkers to know that we have eased our referral procedures in various ways to help you navigate the severe restrictions under which you and your organizations are often working.

Please contact us whenever you have difficulty making a referral.

Regarding donations of furniture and household essentials, our truck is regularly on the road, but with the new requirement that donors have the items outside for pick up. We also welcome drop-offs at our facility, but only by appointment.

No matter how donations reach us, we perform additional advance screening to prioritize pick up and drop off of key items that are in low supply, then we quarantine everything before making the furniture and housewares available to the people we help. We are grateful for our donors’ understanding.

There is one crucial aspect that has not resumed: volunteer service. This saddens us more than anything and it causes our facility to lack the vitality that our awesome volunteers bring. To all our volunteers we say: “Someday this will change! We miss you all so very much!”

A key part of protecting everyone’s health during the pandemic is limiting the number of people in the building. When we feel we can ease this limitation, volunteering will resume and client service will return to a more traditional format. However, as much as no one wants to hear this, we expect that restrictions will remain in effect until at least the spring of 2021 or later. It all depends on progress in controlling the pandemic.

So, that’s a quick summary of the new, definitely not improved, but still necessary, mode of operation at Mission of Deeds. We review all aspects constantly.

We can’t wait to return to our “old normal.” Meanwhile, whatever the world throws at us, Mission of Deeds will find a way to carry on. We appreciate your support and understanding more than words can say.


Photo credit – Thanks to Sun Jin Cho for sharing their work on Unsplash.