COVID-19 Message

COVID-19 Update Regarding Mission of Deeds Operations and LIMITED REOPENING

A Message from our Executive Director

When concerns about COVID-19 forced Mission of Deeds to close on March 16, I thought we would be back in a couple of weeks. I knew our way of doing things would have to change, but not drastically. How wrong I was!

As the public health emergency unfolded, it became clear that a whole new model of operation was required. This was the conclusion of our staff at many meetings via Zoom, and was also the conclusion of furniture banks across the country. Thus, the Phase One restrictions described on our home page were established.

Do we like these restrictions? No, we loath themWe wish it were all a bad dream from which we wake very soon. Yet, this is reality and we have to deal with it.

We are fortunate that, when we closed, we had a full warehouse. We will use this inventory for initial client service while we figure out the next steps of accepting donations and welcoming back our volunteers. We have no timetable for these steps and will only proceed when we can do so with confidence that we are following good public health practice.

A famous James Bond villain was named “Doctor No.” I feel like the Mission of Deeds “Doctor No” when I decline donations of goods or tell enthusiastic volunteers it’s too soon for them to return. But I’m not doing so as a villain, but to keep clients, donors, volunteers, and staff safe.

Our 2020 Events have also been impacted and are in the process of going virtual. The best way to stay informed is to bookmark:  events.

Thank you for your patience. Please do not lose heart!

Mission of Deeds is working as hard as we can to navigate the new world. We won’t be done until all of you are back with us.

Photo credit – Thanks to Sun Jin Cho
for sharing their work on Unsplash.