Doug and June’s Story

“I’d like to thank your staff for your courtesy, kindness, compassion and help. I’m very grateful that a place like Mission of Deeds is around for people in need.

Mission of Deeds focuses on donations of functional furniture, linens, and kitchenware, but we sometimes end up with more unusual items on our hands. In this case, a box full of decorative ceramic shoes.

The shoes were a first. In almost twenty years of receiving donations, none of us could remember seeing ceramic shoes before. Not sure what to do with them, we stashed them away in the office to deal with later and continued with business as usual.

The following day, an elderly couple arrived for their appointment. Referred by a North Shore agency, this couple had been fighters their entire lives. After surviving cancer, car accidents, and numerous surgeries, they had recently been homeless for two months. Thankfully, the community had rallied to secure an apartment for them, but it was completely unfurnished.

Upon meeting the couple, Doug and June, we were immediately impressed by their positive attitude and warm manner. Despite everything, they were gracious and smiling, and before long we had collected nearly everything they needed to transform their new apartment into a cozy, comfortable home.

As we finished up their appointment, Doug noticed a curio cabinet tucked away in our inventory. He asked if they could have it, explaining that his wife loved to collect…ceramic shoes! As we loaded it into the van, another volunteer ran out with the box of donated ceramic shoes we had received just yesterday. Surprised, June began to cry, and soon, we all were.

It was truly a special moment—one that reinforced what a special place Mission of Deeds is to so many, and how the simplest things can bring such joy.